Pre-order for the freshest catch

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Imagine looking forward to savoring a succulent fish meal and the moment you dig in, you realize that the fish is stale and that no matter how well cooked, it can’t please your taste buds. Disappointing, right? And now imagine a healthy, succulent fish especially being caught for you according to your needs and specifications. […]

Are you cooking fish the right way?

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Cooking is a delightful hobby. There is nothing more satisfying than sharing a well-cooked meal with friends and loved ones. But like most things in life, there is a chance that things might go a little wrong. In such cases, some small but helpful alterations can save the day. Below are some possible cooking disasters […]

Dry Fish: The Taste is for Keeps

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Drying food is the oldest preservation technique known to man. Since stone age, foods that are known to deteriorate quickly were salted and dried to increase their shelf life. Drying enabled a constant supply of food even in the most hostile seasons when the availability of food was limited. Very soon,seafood delivery in Bangalore our […]

Behind the hard shell, lurks fleshy flavours


Seafood cuisine loved around the world, consists of ‘fish’ and ‘shellfish’. Shellfish are not exactly ‘fish’ but ‘molluscs’ and ‘crustaceans’, dwelling in the marine ecosystem. Shellfish are known for their unique taste and flavour and if you want to have a bite of these, fresh seafood delivery service is at your service to help you […]