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luv4fish… A fresh beginning

Most of us have moderate evidence that fishes for consumption in Bangalore are stocked & sold. You should be lucky to have a seller who does not mix the spill over with the fresh stock. It has always been a challenge to find consistent quality of fish online and offline. We dread the entire experience of going to filthy, fly-infested, smelly markets/retail shops; bargaining, identifying fresh fish & getting it cleaned appropriately. Sometimes we are duped into believing that we are buying the freshest by using techniques that make the fish look fresh and appealing.

On careful observation, we realized that fresh fish in a city like Bangalore is a ‘myth’. The solution to this is the concept of ‘luv4fish’ – Order First, Procure Next. This ensures ‘No Spill-Over & No Stocking’. We are the pioneers in delivering fish that is not stocked after procuring. Pre-order is our crowning aspect.

How does luv4fish work?

process infographic